Paul, Cuts By Chief, is a retired Navy Chief who pursued barbering as a second career and is currently doing business out of Big Hit Barbershop in Kenosha. If you are looking for a detail oriented and diverse barber, look no further. Appointments are preferred.


Haircut $30

Haircut and facial grooming $40

Kid’s (12 & under) $25

Facial Grooming $25

Hot towel Straight Razor Head Shave $40

Hot Towel Facial Shave $40

+Hot towel Straight Razor Head Shave and Facial Grooming $60

Senior Haircut (65+) $20

Senior Hair and Facial Grooming $25

Enhancements $5

Wax Service $10

Hair wash $5

Scissor Haircut $40

Design $5

"Whether you’re looking for a simple fade or something more complicated, Chief is very detail oriented, professional, friendly, and experienced! I moved here from Chicago looking for a barber and he’s definitely it!"

- Gabe G.


"Im a first time customer at The Big Hit Barbershop, and i gotta say i couldn't be more pleased with the results. Ive been looking for a good barber for a long time, and I gotta say Paul is the man!"

- Kaden H.

"Best beard trim around, never left the shop without being completely happy with it! I would recommend Chief to anyone looking for a barber that takes pride in his work!"

- Chad L.

"Chief is the man! Best barber to do your hair, is very attentive to detail and styling/hair product needs to look fresh. I always leave looking great and I highly recommend him!"

- Eder G.

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6011 39th Ave, Kenosha, WI 53142


Monday 8 AM–6 PM

Tuesday 8 AM–6 PM

Wednesday 8 AM–6 PM

Thursday Closed

Friday 8 AM–6 PM

Saturday 8 AM–4 PM

Sunday Closed

Phone Number:

(262) 237-8220

6011 39th Ave, Kenosha, WI 53142, USA

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